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竹鹽蔬果調味(牛蒡)Vegetable Seasoning120g

•最佳味精替代品 •奶素食品 •嚴選台灣安全蔬菜 •不論是炒菜、煮麵、煮湯、煮火鍋,為您的料理美味加分 • Best MSG substitute • Lacto Vegetarian Food • Strictly selected safe vegetables from Taiwan • Add points to your cooking, whether it is cooking noodles, cooking soup, cooking hot pot

素香菇沙茶醬 Gu Wang Vegetarian Satay Sauce 100g

•世界第一瓶素食沙茶醬(純天然版) •天然的中藥香料及椎茸為主原料 •不含人工色素及防腐劑 • The world’s first bottle of vegetarian shacha sauce (natural version) • Natural Chinese medicine spices and Shiitake as main raw materials • Does not contain artificial colors and preservatives

Broad Hot & Spicy Turnip

Use of Taiwan native white radish, naturally brewed soybean paste with non-basic soybeans. No MSG added


•非基因改造黃豆 •半年以上純釀造 •不含人工甜味劑、防腐劑與色素 • Non genetically modified soybeans • Pure brewing for more than half a year • Does not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives and coloring

香菇橄欖菜 Mushrooms Olive Dish 180g

•不添加味精、防腐劑、非轉化基因植物油 •即食佐餐小菜可炒菜、拌飯、伴粥、拌面 •可夾饅頭、吐司等食用 • No MSG, preservatives, non-transformed genetically modified vegetable oil • Instant side dishes, stir-fry, bibimbap, congee, noodles • Can be eaten with steamed buns, toast, etc.

香菇蘿蔔乾 Mushroons Radish 200g

•不添加味精、防腐劑、非轉化基因植物油 •以萝卜、食用植物油、香菇、白砂糖和食用盐为原料 •咸香可口,实为下饭、送粥、做菜之绝佳搭配品 • No MSG, preservatives, non-transformed genetically modified vegetable oil • Use radish, edible vegetable oil, shiitake mushrooms, white sugar and edible salt as raw materials •Salty and delicious, it is a great match for serving rice, porridge and cooking

Instant Brown Rice Noodle Mushroom Seasoning

Premium selection of Taiwan's natural brown rice, no use of pesticides and fertilizers in the process of planting

Camellia Oil

Suitable for high temperature frying, deep fried, stir fried.

Chilli Padi Sauce

Healthy ingredients with no pesticides, no pigments, no MSG

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce

Healthy spaghetti sauce mixed with vegetarian cube meat, sliced mushroom & other healthy ingredients

Vegetarian Mushroom Sauce

Natural hand-brewed bean sauce, Premium soybean protein with mushroom, cook with small fire & let it stew.

Vegetarian Sesame Oil & Angelica Sauce

Ingredient comes from YunNan high land. Sesame oil as base, suitable to mix with noodles,vegetables & Mee hoon