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核桃黑豆粉Walnut with Black Soy Milk Power

•100% Natural ingredients •No added enhancers •Helps in cognitive abilities and boost immune system 純天然,無任何化學添加物。養生保健的功效比較強,具有很好的補腦益智的作用,有很好的提高免疫力的效果,另外在滋補肝腎,延年益壽,以及美容養顏方面的效果。

Multi Grain Powder

Natural, no adding of additives. Helps to relive heat.

Black Sesame Powder 250

This product is made by grinding whole black sesame seeds, use of pressure stir-fry. •100%純芝麻粉 •嚴選整粒黑芝麻磨制而成。採用壓力氣流式炒 •非用直火炒焦熟,不上火、不燥熱,適合全家人食用

Preserved Bean Curd 台灣陳年釀豆腐乳辣味

•生態農法、不含防腐劑、色素、甘味及鮮味劑 •可以配粥及火鍋沾料 • Ecological farming method, free of preservatives, pigments, sweetness and umami • Can be served with porridge or as hot pot dip

Preserved Bean Curd 台灣陳年釀豆腐乳原味

•生態農法、不含防腐劑、色素、甘味及鮮味劑 •可以配粥及火鍋沾料 • Ecological farming method, free of preservatives, pigments, sweetness and umami • Can be served with porridge or as hot pot dip

ORG KOMBU SOY SAUCE台灣昆布有機醬油 210ml

  • 原料:水,有机黄豆,有机小麦,有机煎糖,有机香菇北海道真昆布抽出物,Cheetam 日晒海盐
  • Ingredients: water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, organic sugar, organic shiitake mushroom Hokkaido konbu extract, Cheetam sun-dried sea salt

三寶拌飯拌麵醬 Sanbau Sauce for Rice & Noodle 255g

台灣製造自然風味,不含防腐劑、不添加人工色素 •可以蒸、炒飯、入菜、拌飯拌麵醬,香濃風味,既下飯又能為料理加分

台灣里仁壺底豆豉 Black Bean Sauce 385g

•本產品使用黑豆,經烹煮、發酵、醃漬、調味而成 •黑豆含有花青素,是很好的抗氧化劑来源,能清除体内自由基 •可炒苦瓜、豆干等健康的好選擇 • This product uses black beans, which are cooked, fermented, pickled and seasoned • Black beans contain anthocyanins, which are a good source of antioxidants and can scavenge free radicals in the body • Stir-fried bitter gourd, dried bean curd, etc. are good choices for health

有機椰子油 Organic coconut oil

•純淨、未精練和漂白、非轉基因。 •從椰子果實中的胚乳(即果肉部分)所搾取而成。 •在人體能迅速分解,增加產熱效應,不易轉換成中性脂肪亦是其特點。 •可以潤腸消油脂,預防血管疾病,有益血糖控制等 • Pure, unrefined and bleached, non-GMO. • Squeezed from the endosperm (pulp part) of the coconut fruit. • It can be quickly decomposed in the human body, increasing the heat production effect, and it is not easily converted into neutral fat. • It can moisturize the intestines and eliminate oil, prevent vascular diseases, and control blood sugar.

有機胡椒粉 Organic Pepper Powder 100g

•有機黑胡椒粉,加入薑黃,可提升薑黃的效果 •可去腥增香、解油膩,還可促進食慾 •用於烹調各類食物,或烘烤燉煮菜餚更加提味。 •可以在流汗時,加速排尿將體內累積的毒素、多餘的水、尿酸、尿素和脂肪等廢物。 •有助我們改善消化功能,並預防結腸直腸癌或胃腸道疾病。 • Organic black pepper, add turmeric to enhance the effect of turmeric • Can remove fishy smell, increase fragrance, relieve greasy, and promote appetite • Used for cooking all kinds of food, or baking stewed dishes to enhance the flavor. • It can accelerate the urination when sweating, and will accumulate waste products such as toxins, excess water, uric acid, urea and fat in the body. • Helps to improve digestive function and prevent colorectal cancer or gastrointestinal diseases.

有機薑黃粉 Organic Turmeric Powder 45g

•100%純薑黃製成粉,無人工色素,最具養生的天然調味料 •天然消炎藥、保護肝、腎臟、調節三高 •預防心血管疾病抗癌預防失智 •適合加入各種料理烹煮,煮飯、炒菜、沖泡皆可 •100% pure turmeric powder, no artificial coloring, the most healthy natural seasoning •Natural anti-inflammatory drugs, protect liver and kidneys, regulate three highs •Prevent cardiovascular disease, fight cancer, prevent dementia •Suitable for cooking various dishes, cooking rice, stir-frying, brewing

竹鹽蔬果調味 Vegetable Seasoning 120g

•不論是炒菜、煮麵、煮湯、煮火鍋,為您的料理美味加分 •無添加人工色素及防腐劑 •嚴選台灣生產的高優質蔬果,自然風味 • Add points to your cooking whether it is cooking noodles, cooking soup or cooking hot pot • No artificial colors and preservatives added • Strictly selected high-quality fruits and vegetables produced in Taiwan, with natural flavor