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Vegetable Ramen

Vegetable noodles without chemical additives, cooking instead of traditional stir-fried way, so that noodles taste less greasy

Vegetarian Mushroom Sauce

Natural hand-brewed bean sauce, Premium soybean protein with mushroom, cook with small fire & let it stew.

Vegetarian Sesame Oil & Angelica Sauce

Ingredient comes from YunNan high land. Sesame oil as base, suitable to mix with noodles,vegetables & Mee hoon

Vegetarian Toon Sprout Sauce

Sauce suitable to mixed with rice, noodles. Also suitable to spread sauce on bread or biscuits.

Walnut & Brown Rice Powder

Walnut aroma, with brown rice and oats and other grains, Careful grinding by pressure low temperature baking technology

Wild Flora Honey

Natural honey made up of wild flora juice & other natural ingredients. No Artificial additives