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Organic Brown Rice

Suitable to store in refrigerator

Organic Brown rice rings

Organic brown rice rings made from native organic brown rice, seasoned only with salt, not fried and without pigmentation.

Organic Green Bean Grain Dessert

Use of organic beans, with other healthy ingredient

Organic Purple Rice Porridge

Organic purple rice, organic pearls & wheat mixed together.

Organic Ten Mixes Grain rice

Comes with ten different types of grains

Pineapple Vinegar

Helps to clean up body waste, helps to clean up blood vessels & body toxins. Also help with indisgestion.

Quinoa Multigrain Drink Cocoa Flavor

The most compacted cereal quinoa now combines with well-known cocoa, 100% organic cocoa powder, no adding of additives

Quinoa Tomato Round Crackers

Made from Soy Milk, suitable for Vegan people. Use of healthy & nutritional Quinoa. Non-fried.

Red Bean & Round Drops Tear Powder

Coix seed, which has not been removed from its shell, is called Coix seed, which contains more nutrients. Adding Red Bean, Non-genetically Modified Soybean and Various Cereals, Made by professional grinding, retaining complete nutrients

Sesame Oil & Angelica Sinensis Instant Noodle

Rich sesame oil and Angelica soup, with non-fried cooked noodles, yam powder added

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce

Healthy spaghetti sauce mixed with vegetarian cube meat, sliced mushroom & other healthy ingredients

Tomato Flavor Noodles

Tomato noodles are cooked instead of fried without chemical additives or preservatives