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Hawthorn Article

Hawthorn has a long-lasting anti-hypertensive effect. It's a good for people with high blood pressure and can help lower blood pressure.

Heng Hua Mee Suah Thick

It is made of Unbleached Flour and natural salt without any natural preservatives

Hot & Sour Instant Noodle

The sour and hot soup is mixed with black vinegar and apple vinegar, and added with pure white pepper to bring out a slightly spicy taste

Instant Brown Rice Noodle Mushroom Seasoning

Premium selection of Taiwan's natural brown rice, no use of pesticides and fertilizers in the process of planting

Ja Jiang Instant Noodle

Soy sauce Ja jiang dry mix noodles without deep frying and chemical additives

Litchi Honey

Natural honey made from litchi & other natural ingredients. No Artificial additives.

Longan Honey

Natural honey made up of longan fruit & other natural ingredients. No Artificial additives

Miso Instant Noodle

Rich soup base, just the right taste of sweet, smooth and not greasy

Multi Flora Honey

Natural honey made up of multi flora juice & other natural ingredients. No Artificial additives

Multi Grain Powder

Natural, no adding of additives. Helps to relive heat.

Natural Honey Candy

Used of variety of natural herbal plants, selected premium honey, scientific methods to extract, pure warm throat sound, is a pure natural food. Make throat relaxed and refreshing.

Organic Black Bean Noodles

Made from organic green kernels, black beans and black wild rice