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Pineapple Fermentate Squash (Reserve) 鳯梨酵素

$86.00 $60.20
Fermentation for 2 year 二年鳯梨酵素 •Improves immune system 增强免疫系統
•I mproves blood circulation 促進血液循環
•Encourages healthy digestive system 幫助消化加強排毒
 •Maintains blood sugar 控制血糖
 •Prevents cold and common flu 預防感冒和流感

Soy Peptide 大豆胜肽群精华

$94.00 $84.60
  •严选非基改良大豆原料,胜肽含量达20%•无添加香精,甜味剂,色素,防腐剂。含丰富矿物质,多种维生素和叶酸 •通过瑞士SGS检验认证,安心食用。台湾养生专家陈月卿爱用推荐! •由于胺基酸的分子最小,蛋白质最大,而其则是胺基酸单体组成的短链,由肽键连接。 •胜肽和酵素一起合作,能迅速补充完整营养,对人体细胞的修护特别有帮助,可加速得到改善,恢复健康

Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is sour but becomes alkaline substances when consume. This apple vinegar helps to balance the acid and alkaline inside our body. Purchase 6 packs 台灣進口: 蘋果醋飲 $6.30 x6入包裝 葡萄醋飲 $6.30 6入包裝 蜜桃醋飲 $6.30 x6入包裝 鳳梨醋飲 $6.30 6入包裝 檸檬醋飲 $6.30 6入包裝  

Black Sesame Powder

This product is made by grinding whole black sesame seeds, use of pressure stir-fry.

Broad Hot & Spicy Turnip

Use of Taiwan native white radish, naturally brewed soybean paste with non-basic soybeans. No MSG added

Brown Rice & Brewer’s Yeast Powder

Brew a cup at any time, healthy and vigorous spring, add with purple sweet potato

Brown Rice & Job’s Tear Powder

The Rich and Smooth Taste Characteristics of Yam, Added lotus seeds, Poria cocos and Qinshi.

Brown Rice Ramen

Organic millet-brown rice noodles: traditional Japanese noodles

Brown Rice Vermicelli

Made from 100% fresh organic whole brown rice grains. Easy to digest and absorb.

Camellia Oil

Suitable for high temperature frying, deep fried, stir fried.

Chilli Padi Sauce

Healthy ingredients with no pesticides, no pigments, no MSG

Corallines Noodle

Noodles made from high-gluten wheat flour. Natural without preservatives