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Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is sour but becomes alkaline substances when consume. This apple vinegar helps to balance the acid and alkaline inside our body.

Black Sesame Powder

This product is made by grinding whole black sesame seeds, use of pressure stir-fry.

Broad Hot & Spicy Turnip

Use of Taiwan native white radish, naturally brewed soybean paste with non-basic soybeans. No MSG added

Brown Rice & Brewer’s Yeast Powder

Brew a cup at any time, healthy and vigorous spring, add with purple sweet potato

Brown Rice & Job’s Tear Powder

The Rich and Smooth Taste Characteristics of Yam, Added lotus seeds, Poria cocos and Qinshi.

Brown Rice Ramen

Organic millet-brown rice noodles: traditional Japanese noodles

Brown Rice Vermicelli

Made from 100% fresh organic whole brown rice grains. Easy to digest and absorb.

Camellia Oil

Suitable for high temperature frying, deep fried, stir fried.

Chilli Padi Sauce

Healthy ingredients with no pesticides, no pigments, no MSG

Corallines Noodle

Noodles made from high-gluten wheat flour. Natural without preservatives

Handmade Mee Suah Thick

It is made of Unbleached Flour and natural salt without any natural preservatives

Hawthorn Article

Hawthorn has a long-lasting anti-hypertensive effect. It's a good for people with high blood pressure and can help lower blood pressure.