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Powder seasoning 素G粉 150g

  • 本产品采天然配方,完全植物提炼,无添加人工味精,香料及防腐剂
  • this product uses natural ingredients extracted from plants, free from msg, no artificial flavours and preservatives
  • 炒菜,煮汤添加均适宜,或直接洒入土司,青菜沙拉上,更增添风味
  • ideal for frying vegetables, soup or sprinkle on salad

喜馬拉雅山岩鹽 Himalaya Rock Salt 400g

•煑湯的好搭檔哦! •增強骨骼強度,促進細胞內健康的pH平衡 •幫助皮肤修复受损的肌肉和其他软组織 • A good partner for making soup • Enhance bone strength and promote healthy pH balance in cells • Help the skin repair damaged muscles and other soft tissues

三寶拌飯拌麵醬 Sanbau Sauce for Rice & Noodle 255g

台灣製造自然風味,不含防腐劑、不添加人工色素 •可以蒸、炒飯、入菜、拌飯拌麵醬,香濃風味,既下飯又能為料理加分

有機胡椒粉 Organic Pepper Powder 100g

•有機黑胡椒粉,加入薑黃,可提升薑黃的效果 •可去腥增香、解油膩,還可促進食慾 •用於烹調各類食物,或烘烤燉煮菜餚更加提味。 •可以在流汗時,加速排尿將體內累積的毒素、多餘的水、尿酸、尿素和脂肪等廢物。 •有助我們改善消化功能,並預防結腸直腸癌或胃腸道疾病。 • Organic black pepper, add turmeric to enhance the effect of turmeric • Can remove fishy smell, increase fragrance, relieve greasy, and promote appetite • Used for cooking all kinds of food, or baking stewed dishes to enhance the flavor. • It can accelerate the urination when sweating, and will accumulate waste products such as toxins, excess water, uric acid, urea and fat in the body. • Helps to improve digestive function and prevent colorectal cancer or gastrointestinal diseases.

有機薑黃粉 Organic Turmeric Powder 45g

•100%純薑黃製成粉,無人工色素,最具養生的天然調味料 •天然消炎藥、保護肝、腎臟、調節三高 •預防心血管疾病抗癌預防失智 •適合加入各種料理烹煮,煮飯、炒菜、沖泡皆可 •100% pure turmeric powder, no artificial coloring, the most healthy natural seasoning •Natural anti-inflammatory drugs, protect liver and kidneys, regulate three highs •Prevent cardiovascular disease, fight cancer, prevent dementia •Suitable for cooking various dishes, cooking rice, stir-frying, brewing

竹鹽蔬果調味 Vegetable Seasoning 120g

•不論是炒菜、煮麵、煮湯、煮火鍋,為您的料理美味加分 •無添加人工色素及防腐劑 •嚴選台灣生產的高優質蔬果,自然風味 • Add points to your cooking whether it is cooking noodles, cooking soup or cooking hot pot • No artificial colors and preservatives added • Strictly selected high-quality fruits and vegetables produced in Taiwan, with natural flavor

竹鹽蔬果調味(牛蒡)Vegetable Seasoning120g

•最佳味精替代品 •奶素食品 •嚴選台灣安全蔬菜 •不論是炒菜、煮麵、煮湯、煮火鍋,為您的料理美味加分 • Best MSG substitute • Lacto Vegetarian Food • Strictly selected safe vegetables from Taiwan • Add points to your cooking, whether it is cooking noodles, cooking soup, cooking hot pot


•非基因改造黃豆 •半年以上純釀造 •不含人工甜味劑、防腐劑與色素 • Non genetically modified soybeans • Pure brewing for more than half a year • Does not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives and coloring

Camellia Oil

Suitable for high temperature frying, deep fried, stir fried.

Chilli Padi Sauce

Healthy ingredients with no pesticides, no pigments, no MSG

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce

Healthy spaghetti sauce mixed with vegetarian cube meat, sliced mushroom & other healthy ingredients

Vegetarian Mushroom Sauce

Natural hand-brewed bean sauce, Premium soybean protein with mushroom, cook with small fire & let it stew.